Is Zsa Zsa Padilla taking a break from showbiz to focus on her farm life?

Netizens have recently been speculating whether the weekend variety show, “ASAP” removed the Divine Diva, Zsa Zsa Padilla. This was after the singer posted on Instagram about feeling wronged and sad. Netizens also noticed that prior to this post, she hasn’t appeared on the show for two consecutive weeks.

One week later, Zsa Zsa Padilla yet again posted on Instagram, this time sharing her newest venture, CASA ESPERANZA. Apparently, Zsa Zsa and her current partner, Conrad Onglao, is planning to build a resort farm in Cebu by 2020. Based on her posts, the singer is really excited about the new opportunity she has.

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One day ago, as of writing, Zsa Zsa posted a photo of a certificate of appreciation named after her. On her caption, she wrote:

“Finished my introductory lecture on Agriculture with Mrs. Marina of the Department of Agriculture, Cebu. I still have so much to read and learn online! Mrs. Marina will be with me after Christmas to do a site visit at the farm we are trying to develop. This one is called ESPERANZA FARMS.”

According to the caption, their acquired land will be divided into Casa Esperanza and Esperanza Farms. The name for their rest house is Casa Esperanza which they intend to make public in less than two years time.

Furthermore, she shared that she and Conrad have planning building a farm for quite some time. She stated that they both have a shared passion for farming. Moreover, she wrote:

“I have great respect for farmes. But now, I have a deeper appreciation for the hard work and patience they give to make sure we have good quality food on our tables. Conrad and I hope to do the same thing for you one day!”

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In regards to the rumors of her being removed from “ASAP,” the show recently had a transition which made many believe was the reason behind Zsa Zsa’s absence. However, the show confirmed that in their new transition, they did not remove any artists from the show.

Read the comments from the netizens:

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