Teacher, accused of hurting a student and shoving the latter’s head into the toilet bowl

A mother reported her child’s teacher after the latter brought the child to the restroom and prick him with a pin.

The mother of the pupil resorted to the program of Ben Tulfo, Bitag-Kilos Pronto to seek assistance after her son received a mistreatment from her teacher. The teacher in question is Myla Guevarra, head teacher of Mines Elementary School.

Tulfo called her and immediately asked what was the point of what she did. But the teacher kept on denying the accusation. She even said that she has messages sent by the pupil’s family about extorting money from her that they could use for vacationing in Antique.

“Teacher, teacher, huwag mo akong pinaglololoko ah. Considered child ab*se ‘yan. I will not, and will not condone ‘yang ginawa mo,” Tulfo told Guevarra.

The Bitag-Kilos Pronto Team accompanied the mother of the elementary pupil in going to the Mines Elementary School to confront the accused teacher.

They went directly to the Office of the Principal where the other faculty teachers and the principal was there to face the mother. The other teachers seemed to be siding with their co-faculty and was trying to defend her. They even said that the whole Bitag team should not be involved instantly with the issue.

When asked if she really hurt the child, Guevarra said, “Hindi po sinasadya na, nahawakan ko lang ‘yung bata. Hindi ko alam na may hawak akong pin,” reasoned Guevarra.

The other faculty staff was trying to interject with the discussion.

“‘Wag kang magsalita kasi hindi ikaw ‘yung kausap ko e,” the mother told the other teacher. “‘Wag kang magsalita, hindi po kayo kasali rito. Ikaw po ba ‘yung nanakit? Anak niyo po ba ‘yung nasaktan? ‘Wag kayong ganyan, Ma’am, hindi kayo kasali rito.”

Annabella Alorda, the pupil’s adviser was trying to stop her co-teachers and was trying to calm the situation.

The principal said, “Respeto po.”

“Respeto po. Mag-respeto ka rin. Teacher ka ‘di ba? Alam mo kung paano gumalang. Huwag kang sumagot nang hindi ka tinatanong,” the mother replied.

Guevarra said that the pupil asked permission to go to the restroom. That time, she was already thinking of making the pupils clean the facility. She also admitted that she was reprimanding the children inside the comfort room.

The mother was still furious and was not believing the teacher’s reason that she did not intend to hurt the child because the child procured injuries on his arms and back. The mother also claimed that the teacher pushed her child’s head into the toilet bowl.


Watch what would happen next:


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