Scarlet Snow Belo mad eher first business trip in Switzerland

Children are blessings from God. Many of us consider them as gifts that need to be loved and cherished. It is always a fulfilling experience to know that God has entrusted a beautiful life that is needed to be nurtured and take care of. Children will always be children until the day comes that they learn the different walks of life,

But it seemed the very adorable Scarlet Snow Belo already knew how to deal with important business people. The three-year-old daughter of Dra. Vicki Belo and Dr. Harden Kho flew all the way to Switzerland to personally see how her milk is being made.

According to Philippine Entertainment Porta (PEP), Scarlet was invited in the Nestle’s global headquarters because she became the newest endorser of the brand NANKID. Every part of her “business” trip was documented and was uploaded on her Instagram account for her 2.4 million followers see how curious she is in knowing more about her milk.

Scarlet was able to meet some of the most important people in Neste. She met the international executive of the company, Alex Keller. PEP reported that Mr. Alex is the “ global business head for infant growing-up milk.”

Because Scarlet is such a learner, she showed her own skills in doing some experiments on her own. She tried to study and analyze the bits of information she gathers from her small scientific experiment. The Kho couple must be proud because Scarlet is able to do all of this at a very young age.

Scarlet discovered so many things. From the process of how her milk is being produced up to the different special proteins NANKID has.

“My parents are so serious about my nutrition we went all the way to Switzerland to find out what’s inside my #NanKid milk. I’ll share with you what I discovered. It’s really special”.

Source: pep

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