Netizens were surprised after the real beauty of this 61-year-old bride has been exposed online

With their fabulous wedding photos, it isn’t that surprising that this beautiful couple is making waves on the internet. A 61-year-old bride named Sao and 26-year-old groom Hoa Cuong recently became the talk of the netizens after showing off their magnificent wedding photos that were taken in Da Nang during their honeymoon trip.
The said photos caught the attention of the netizens after it was posted on the personal Facebook page of the bride.

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Many netizens can’t help but feel jealous with the bride’s enticing beauty. With her radiant glowing skin, who would think that Sao is already a 61-year-old lady? She looks so young that she could be mistaken for a 20-year old girl.
Despite of the great difference between their ages, the couple remains happy in each other’s arms as they continue to build their lives together.
Upon seeing their wedding photos online, a lot of netizens expressed their positive comments regarding the bride’s looks. Moments later, the couple decided to do a livestream on their social media account in able to have a little chat with their friends. The netizens who witnessed the livestream were shocked to see the bride’s true appearance. Ms. Sao who’s known for her mesmerizing looks turns out to have a face that wasn’t as stretchy compared to her wedding photos. Her face showed signs of ageing with a lot of lines on it.

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According to an article of MSN last October 2018, Ms. Sao’s beauty was just a product of plastic surgery. It is the main reason why she was able to hide her wrinkled skin and transformed into a young beautiful woman.

Despite of the fact that her wife’s beauty was just artificial, Hoa Cuong remains in love with his wife.
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He even supported her wife’s decision to undergo the surgery. Even though it required a lot of money in able to rejuvenate her skin and restore her beauty. According to him, he’s happy as long as it makes her happy. He is also delighted to see that his wife looked younger after the surgery. Hoa Cuong also said that it wasn’t their intention to cause any commotion on the social media. They just did what they thought would be best for their relationship.

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