Mother who lost her child confronts the man who took her daughter

The woman who lost her child confronted face-to-face the man who took her daughter while he was drunk.

Last November 15, Emily Mendoza went to the public service program of Ben Tulfo, Bitag-Kilos Pronto, to seek help in finding her one-year-old daughter who is still missing. Emily said that she and her husband were sleeping during that time, beside their daughter. It was the morning of October 26.

A man named alias Ben took the child and brought it someplace else. Ben admitted it himself but its seemed like he, too, is not sure where he brought the child. At first, he said that he threw the child in the nearby river. After that, he changed his statement and said that he left the child in the street.

Emily said that the tricycle drivers are familiar with Elmira, Emily’s daughter, so if Ben was telling the truth, one of the tricycle drivers could have seen her child immediately. Emily thinks that Ben might have done something wrong with her child.

The police officers told them that they should start accepting the possibility that they wouldn’t find the child anymore.

Senior Supt. Restituto Arcangel, the Chief of Police of Caloocan PNP, said that they would just let Emily talked to Ben once again in the hopes that Ben could finally confess where he brought Elmira.

The next day, the team of Bitag-Kilos Pronto accompanied Emily to the police station where Ben was detained.

When asked what his motive was and why he did what he did, Ben said that it was just because he was drunk. The authorities asked him if he attempted to violate the child or sell it to someone, but Ben said that he did not plan on doing anything like that.

Emily became emotional while asking Ben where she could find her child. But Ben said that he just left her daughter somewhere and he could not remember it anymore because he was too drunk.

Emily said that she does not believe that Ben was drunk during that time because they saw his bottle of gin and it was still more than half-full. Ben took her child during the day and he was just apprehended the night of the incident.

Emily started kneeling and crying while pulling Ben’s clothes as she begs for Ben to say where he brought her daughter. Ben, too, started crying but did not say anything.

In the end, the Caloocan Police promised Emily that they will prioritize looking for her child. Emily and her husband, Edwin, still continues to look for Elmira.



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