Ruffa Gutierrez’ daughter, Lorin Gabriella Bektas looks absolutely stunning in her swimsuit

Time flies really fast! This proves to be true with Lorin Gabriella Bektas, Ruffa Gutierrez’s stunning daughter. The once little girl who followed her mom around is now all grown up as seen on Ruffa’s recent post on Instagram which features her daughter in a very stunning two-piece swimsuit.

Lorin looked absolutely stunning in her blue and white stripped swimsuit as the wind blew her hair. The photo was taken during their recent family trip at the Mithi Resort and Spa in Bohol. Indeed, Ruffa’s “Lorini Pie” is no longer a little girl, but a full-grown breathtaking woman much like her mother.

If you check her Instagram page, you will see that Lorin loves traveling as seen on the photos that she posts. By the looks of it, she visits several resorts and beaches as seen in the many pool photos she posts on her page. She also recently enjoyed visiting the United States with her family. In fact, she and her sister Venice, posed behind the picturesque view in Big Sur, California

Apart from her personal posts, Lorin is a proud ambassadress of the makeup line, KJM Cosmetics

Just recently, Ruffa took to Instagram her frustration after a bad experience her daughters had in an amusement part in Malaysia. “While the kids were on the roller coaster, [my friend] and I went to buy burgers. The kids came back in tears saying that group of old, creepy men were taking photos of them and blowing kisses. Literally harassing them,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

While they chose to take the high road and ignore the sketchy individuals, it seemed like they were persistent. “We stopped the guys and reprimanded them for whistling and they tried to attack us. We came to Sunway Lagoon Malaysia to have fun with the children and did not realize it’s not safe at all. Shocking,” Ruffa added.

Due to the gravity of the situation, the beauty queen called out the said theme park on Twitter “Theme parks like @SunwayLagoonMY should not let creepy men inside their establishments!! (emoji) theme parks should be a safe place for children and families to enjoy their holiday!” she wrote.

Consequently, the park sent out their apology towards what happened to Ruffa and her daughters. “We regret the unfortunate incident and our management is currently with her handling her complaint. We are a family theme park and we ensure that guests safety & wellbeing is our concern,” they replied to Ruffa’s tweet.

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Source: GMA

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