KC Concepcion talks about personal finance lessons she got from her mommy Sharon Cuneta

If there’s one thing Sharon Cuneta should be really proud about, it’s her daughter KC Concepcion. After all, her once little girl is now a full-grown woman who’s making it on her own. Lucky for the Megastar’s daughter, her mother didn’t just release her to the world without giving her proper training and advice. Just recently, KC shared an insightful story to her followers on Instagram.

Last December 2, 2018, KC posted a photo of a piece of land near the beach. Along with it, she wrote a few of the lessons she learned from her mother and her grandparents when it came to handling her finances. “Dear Mom and Grandparents, Thank you for teaching me to “Save and Invest” at such a young age. Like every working millennial or woman in their 30s, I am continuing to learn how to take care of, grow and move around personal finances,” she wrote in the captions.

“My grandma, stepdad, and mom were so strict about saving up to buy property FIRST, before getting that Hermes bag… Yes, pressure and standards were high but I am glad they were! Although deep inside as a girl, of course, I wanted the bag, I learned about “delayed gratification” in order to afford the beach. LOL,” she added.

She ended her lengthy IG post with, “What’s YOUR dream? Keep busy, and work smart, so you too can make your dreams come true. On your own terms. And quietly, without stepping on anyone’s toes, DREAM BIG! BE KIND! You can ACHIEVE it! #Kacepirations #TheKCDiaries #Philippines”

Because of the photo KC posted and the background story she shared, many of her Instagram fans and followers couldn’t help but wonder if the place in the photo is actually her very own property. This comes to no surprise as many know KC as a smart woman who is capable in investing her hard-earned money on things that matter.

Recently, KC has been the talk of the town after she shared a couple of photos of her and her beau, French producer Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart on social media. As of writing KC has not confirmed nor denied the rumors about her buying a new property by the beach.

Do you think KC Concepcion really bought a property near the beach? Share your answers in the comments section!

Source: GMA

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