Did Mader Sitang decieve this famed Filipino broadcast journalist?

Mader Sitang from Thailand was first ridiculed when she became viral through her online hair flip videos. People only started to change their perception about her after posts claiming that she’s a kind person circulated. With this in mind, Filipinos gave her a very warm welcome when she visited the country.

Throughout her stay, Mader Sitang met with her fans and planned to establish a career in the local showbiz industry. The show producer Wilbert Tolentino helped the internet sensation promote herself in our county. Before Sitang returned to her homeland, a management contract was already cooking between them.

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Wilbert flew to Thailand with the contract in his hands, However, the promised contract signing never happened after he failed to give her PHP 31.3 million,

According to Wilbert’s claim. After allegedly suffering from an unfair treatment from her, Wilbert demanded to ban Sitang from going back to the country while claiming that she did not donate during typhoon Yolanda and Sitang being a lawyer was a lie.

However, Wilbert wasn’t the only one who gave Sitang a good treatment. It can be recalled that she also appeared in the ABS-CBN weekend program “Rated K” during their October 21, 2018 episode. The host Korina Sanchez interviewed her and even gladly did her signature hair flip moves.

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Aside from them, her Filipino fans also became disappointed after hearing the shocking revelations about Mader Sitang.

Last November 23, Bureau of Immigration declared the online star as an “undesirable alien.” the agency included her in their list of blacklisted individuals.

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SOURCE: Philippine Entertainment Portal
PHOTO SOURCE: 1-15 Rated K

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