Check out the prenup shoot of Slater Young and Kryz Uy in New Zealand

Former “Pinoy Big Brother” winner Slater Young and blogger Kryz Uy will be entering another chapter in their life soon as a married couple. Early this year, the couple announced their engagement after Slater proposed during their Japan trip.

Last September, Slater and Kryz held a Chinese engagement ceremony where they embraced their roots and tradition. Their fans were amazed at their grand pre-wedding celebration. Now, the couple flew all the way to Queenstown, New Zealand for their dreamy prenuptial shoot.

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Kryz shared the behind-the-scenes video on her YouTube channel. After seeing the different locations of their pictorial, netizens couldn’t help but marvel at the breathtaking place.

In fact, they went on top of a mountain to take a picture-perfect photo in Roy’s Peak in Wakana. They even shared their helicopter ride towards the first location.

Slater wore his best suit and posed while having the beautiful view as his background. Meanwhile, Kryz looked ethereal in her white wedding dress as she looked around the surreal place. The prenup shoot started as soon as they reached the location

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Although it wasn’t originally part of the plan, the couple also decided to do a photoshoot with the lambs which they saw while heading for a lunch.

One of the highlights of their prenup shoot slash New Zealand tour was the alpacas that Kryz saw. The future bride even took a close-up shot of it. Throughout the vlog, she and Slater also gave us a glimpse of their sweet and goofy moments when they are together.

The prenup photos are yet to be released, but everyone is already looking forward to it. Definitely, it’s going to be grand and full of sweet moments captured.

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PHOTO SOURCE: 1-8 PUSH | 9-16 Inquirer

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