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Delivery guy spotted eating food before giving to the customers

We’re sure most of us have felt the urge to eat someone else’s food, or even leftovers. Still, we don’t really do it as it’d make us look weird and having no etiquette. For those who work in the food industry, especially crews and deliverers, this is a no-no. Just imagine if a delivery guy got to taste the food you ordered even before it lands on your palate.

Excuse to those who are currently munching their own viands right now, but there is this deliverer who was spotted allegedly eating the food he should be bringing to the customers. According to South China Morning Post, a famous food delivery app Meituan axed one of their staff for eating the customer’s food.

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The man is from Sihui, Guangdong Province. His identity, however, is still unknown up to this date. He may have been hungry while in the middle of his work. But who knows what could have been his reason why he opted to ruin his reputation.

The report added that delivery guy was caught on CCTV, and the footage has been viewed massively on the video-sharing app Pear Video. He was also seen drinking soup from the lunchboxes.

In the clip, he was spotted carefully—trying his best to be discreet—taking out a container of food. He then took a bowl of soup and drank from it. Not long after, he returned everything inside his bag before proceeding to finally bring the food to the rightful owner.

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Meituan’s Public Relations Officer, Mr Xu, admitted that the staff indeed ate the food to before handing to the customer. He also stated that the company already handled the situation and also apologized to the customers.

“So far, we have already fired the employee and notified the whole food delivery industry. He would be banned from the business. We offer our sincerest apologies. We will then strengthen the discipline and training of the food delivery men in all spots around the nation, and promote the proper sealing of delivery food.”

Apparently, this was not the first time that it happened. In 2017, a delivery man from the same company was caught eating the delivery food, but then he spewed it back.

This should also serve as a reminder to all members of the food industry, not just in China, but across the globe.

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