Time capsule dated 1967, found during the renovation of a school in Michigan

The construction crew discovered a half a century-year old time capsule dated 1967 in a West Michigan school.

During the renovation of the Central Elementary in the Kenowa Hills Public Schools district in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the construction crew stumbled upon a cinder block with the year “1967” engraved on it. Curious, they cracked open the said concrete block and they were surprised that inside of it was a perfectly waterproof, sealed metal box. The box was welded shut as if to protect the contents of the said box.

The school board opened the 51-year old metal, copper-like box, only to reveal a cornucopia of hidden treasures from the time they were compiled. As it turned out, it was actually a time capsule which was probably made by the former students themselves. This box gave the present students and teacher the unique view of how life in the school was like during the 1960s.

The gas was just 27 cents a gallon during 1967 and school’s life is also different back then.

“They have a list of all the courses kids took, as well as tumbling, which I thought was interesting, shop and home economics,” said Cherie Horner, the Principal of Central Elementary. “And also fees – so in sixth grade your books cost $6 and Physical Education cost $4.”

This is way different and cheaper compared to the amount that current students were paying. This is just a clear manifestation that the cost of living, education and others, are constantly increasing as time passed by.

There are also photographs included in the time capsule. One of which was captured during a PE session. There was also a little handbook with a golden cover. Schools nowadays do not make physical copies of handbooks anymore because of the fast-rising technology. Student could just easily browse it on the internet.

“Just thinking about how times have changed. A lot of gender names — you know, gender roles were defined as he or him,” said Horner.

They also found clippings of the school goals along with the photos of the school and students.

“What were they thinking, what was important to them, and what was important to the students that were in their service,” Horner added.

But there is still a similarity between the past and the present.

“The hopes that they have from the school and the kids had the same hopes and dreams that we have for our kids now,” the principal said.

The time capsule will be displayed in Central Elementary for anyone who wants to see it. The school will still undergo renovation for the next two years and they are hoping to find more time capsules like this. Horner said that they are also planning to hide one of their own for the future to see.


Source: Littlethings , Wgno

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