This man’s motorcycle was damaged; The motorist who did it took his motorcycle away!

A man named Mr. Ruaza Ruaza sought help from veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in his public service program in getting his motorcycle back from his neighbour for his job as a construction worker.

Despite having an old age, Mr. Ruaza’s three daughters, who are still studying in college, are still depending on his salary to survive. That is why Mr. Ruaza was accompanied by his daughter in the show to explain the situation and seek help.

So why did Mr. Ruaza lend his motorcycle to his neighbour named Fernando Facundo Jr.? Mr. Ruaza said that an accident occurred between him and Mr. Facundo. Mr. Ruaza hit Mr. Facundo’s car on the road. In retaliation, Mr. Facundo used his car to damage the rear of Mr. Ruaza’s motor.

Since he was scared that it might lead to the court, Mr. Ruaza offered his motor to Mr. Facundo, in which the latter accepted.

In a phone interview, Mr. Facundo said that he pities Mr. Ruaza and his family but he said the old man is always involved in road accidents and he always tried to escape from the incident. He said Mr. Ruaza caused a P5,000-worth damage on his car.

Raffy then asked Mr. Facundo if he could just bring back Mr. Ruaza’s motor and offered to just pay the damages. However, he found out that Mr. Facundo caused damage on Mr. Ruaza’s motor too so he told Mr. Facundo that they will seek reparation for the damages he has done.

Raffy told Mr. Facundo that they will get Mr. Ruaza’s motor from him the next day. Mr. Facundo, however, insisted them to get Mr. Ruaza’s motor on the same day.

Backstage, Mr. Ruaza and his daughter can’t help but to cry on how this affected his daily living. Raffy told them that they will seek compensation not just for his damaged motorcycle but also for the injuries he got and the money he lost for missing his work.

They all met up in their barangay hall where Mr. Facundo agreed that he will give P5,000 for Mr. Ruaza to fix his motorcycle. Mr. Facundo also agreed that he will not pursue legal charges against Mr. Ruaza.

Mr. Ruaza then thanked Raffy for helping him to retrieve his motorcycle back. Now, he can go back to work and earn money for the education of his children.

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Humihingi siya ng hustisya!

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