17-year old teenage wants to retrieve her things from her workplace she left few months ago with permission

A 17-year old minor sought help in retrieving her things from her workplace which she already left months ago.

Nemde De Guzman went to the program of Raffy Tulfo together with her uncle, Edwin Bejo, to seek help in getting Nemde’s things from her employer who refused to give it back to her.

According to Edwin, Nemde still has debt from the people in her workplace so the employer wanted her to pay it first before she could get it back. The debts came from the items she had ordered from her co-worker’s Boardwalk sideline. He said that it was the sister of Nemde’s employer who paid for it.

Edwin admitted that Nemde left her work for a few months without permission from her employer. She went back home to Bulacan to meet her then-boyfriend. They became live-in partners. Nemde was too ashamed now to go back to her work.

Tulfo told her that he is not an enabler of such behavior and Nemde should acknowledge that she too was wrong. He told her to apologize first to her employer.

Edwin said that they just wanted to get Nemde’s things because her live-in partner was already gone after two months that they were together, leaving her pregnant.

Tulfo called Joan Reymundo, Nemde’s employer. Joan said that there should be no problem with them giving Nemde’s things back. But the problem was that Nemde still has debts to pay.

Joan said that she would do anything to help their employees so she paid for Nemde’s phone which she needed, using her credit card. But aside from this, Nemde also borrowed money from her co-workers, one of which has three children to support. Based on her computation, Nemde’s debt is around P3,900.

The items that Nemde ordered from her co-worker was not even for her personal use. She gave it as a gift to her uncle’s grandchild.

Nemde was gone for 3 months yet she did not bother to look for work just to pay off her debts.

Edwin said that he would just shoulder Nemde’s balance and would pay it gradually gradually.

But the tables turned when Edwin said that the reason why Nemde failed to pay was because her salary was not enough in the first place.

Nemde said that her salary is only P150 a day for her job in the spa. Tulfo said that the amount is below minimum wage.

Joan reasoned out that she was just a partner in the ownership of the spa, and the employees have free lodging.

Tulfo told her that free lodging is just part of the employees’ incentives and should not be deducted from their salary. In addition to this, they should not be allowed to hire minors without a permit from the DSWD and consent from the parents.

In the end, Nemde was able to retrieve her things from her workplace.



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