Vice Ganda pulls off different looks and outfits

Maybe one of the most famous and influential gays in our country today is Jose Marie Viceral, also known as ‘Vice Ganda’. A well-respected host and comedian wherein we can see everyday in ABS-CBN’s noontime show, It’s Showtime. Each of everyone who watched him perform and act surely laughed, atleast once, because of his humorous punchlines, jokes and catchphrases.

Moreover, we surely create a smile on our face whenever he shows his “pogi” looks to his fans. Most of them are really stunning!

Sweet photo of Vice Ganda and Karylle. They both look so cute on those police uniforms. These two made a fandom in which Vice and Karylle are love team of one another.

Vice Ganda wearing a leather jacket looks so hot while listening to music on his headphones.

A pose called “Sakit Batok” is portrayed by Vice Ganda in the picture as one of the cover photos for his hit-movie, “Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy”.

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On one of It’s Showtime’s segments, different hosts of the program went head-to-head in showing off their skills and talents. In Vice Ganda’s number, he wore a mixture of tuxedo in front and a bridal gown at the back.

Vice Ganda is also known for being a singer. On one of his performances, he wore a cap and shades while holding in the microphone. Definitely, an intimate photo of Vice showcasing his singing skills.

Wearing a black suit and having an ‘undercut’ hairstyle, Vice Ganda is looking so cool and at the same time, formal. Looks like Vice is ready to be a part of the Kingsman, right? Just kidding.

Vice Ganda improvised facial hair by drawing in his face while wearing a leather jacket. It’s possible that Kathryn Bernardo might say, ‘gangster’ when she saw Vice in this.


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An Instagram post by Vice Ganda is next in line. He posed to emphasize his two-color hair with a caption, “Nang isang umagang gumising kang bigotilyo ka.” He also added a hashtag saying, “Ang pagbibinata ni petra.” in which he referred to his hit-movie “Petra ng Kabayo”.

Denim shorts and Far Eastern University (FEU) Jersey is Vice Ganda’s attire while posing with his co-hosts in It’s Showtime.

In another Instagram post, he took a picture of his hairstyle and acknowledged his hairstylist. His hair is blonde at the sides while black at the top.

Improvised facial hair made him look like an “emo” while leaning against a wall.

He also took another photos of him with his facial hair drawn on his face. But this time, he is wearing shades, which made him look so handsome!

“Woke up in the city that never sleeps.”, Vice Ganda quoted in his Instagram post while walking on a road in a Korean look. One of his followers in Instagram even joked on Vice to change Vice Ganda to ‘Vice Pogi’.

Some of the photos are taken during the shoot of his film, “Praybeyt Benjamin’, while some are just his pictures showing off his outfits. Korean outfits really do look good on him.

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But wait! Though Vice Ganda proves how good looking he is with those outfits, he can also pull-off those big gowns and artistic make-ups and costumes.

In an ABS-CBN Interview with Vice Ganda, he said, “Siyempre this is a grand event, you have to be grand, di ba? Everyone’s excited to see you rock the red carpet so might as well prepare.”

Yet, we can see how much effort he puts even though it’s just a normal day and not a grand event. It’s just Vice Ganda being ‘Vice Ganda’.

Source: ABS-CBN

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