Student reports about her professor who’s been giving her malicious looks

The 20-year-old freshman, Aryana Louise Sanchez, approached the program of Raffy Tulfo to seek help regarding her situation with her college professor.

Sanchez is a student of the Philippine Women’s University (PWU). She accused her professor of giving her unwanted attention which she finds very uncomfortable.

She narrated how and when this act began. According to Sanchez, it initially happened during the first meeting of their class last July 24.

During the professor’s discussion, Aryana noticed that there was something odd about the way her professor looks at her. She said that the eye contact that her professor was doing was nothing like a gaze that a teacher would give to his student.

She said that the eye contact lasted for more than 5 seconds, making her feel uneasy. She claims her professor’s look is full of malice.

She also mentioned that one time when she purposedly left her jacket on her desk during their breaktime, together with her other classmates’ things. But surprisingly, the jacket was gone the moment she came back.

During their next meeting, she found out that her professor kept the jacket after he asked the class who owns it.

Tulfo then proceeded to talking to the professor, Raul Chebat, who was on the other line. He went straight to reprimanding Chebat about his inappropriate behavior. Tulfo bluntly asked the professor to leave the student alone.

Chebat immediately apologized for what happened. He defended himself by saying that it was not his intention to impose uneasiness to his students.

He implied that Aryana’s accusations were just assumptions and he did not mean anything with the way he looks at her.

Aryana mentioned that she was not the only student who feel threatens with the professor’s presence.

To further fix the problem, Tulfo conversed with PWU’s College of Arts and Sciences’ Dean, Olivia Villafuerte.

At the beginning, it seems like Tulfo and Villafuerte were already having a heated discussion with regards to broadcasting protocols.

Moving on, Tulfo told Villafuerte to do the necessary action if ever the case of unwanted advances by Chebat was done again.

Villafuerte stressed that there’s always two sides of a story. She mentioned that Sanchez never approached her regarding the problem.

Sanchez argued that she felt unwelcomed when she tried to open up the issue to the administration.

In the end, instead of bringing her to the dean, she was advised to undergo six sessions of counseling which she found very appalling.

Tulfo supported Sanchez’s reaction towards the provided resolution of the school’s admin and told Villafuerte that a victim should not be undergoing counseling because this might hamper her statements.

Villafuerte reasoned that it was not the intention of the counseling. She said that it would just guide Sanchez through the process.

Tulfo asserted that if that’s the intention, there is no need for a six-session counseling.

Villafuerte admitted that she did not know why her staff advised Sanchez to undergo through that.

Tulfo told her to manage her staff properly.

In the end, Tulfo promised Sanchez that if the unwanted advances happen again, he would do the necessary actions regarding Chebat.

Villafuerte on the other hand advised Sanchez to meet her to further talk about the issue.


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