Jessy Mendiola now sports a 24 inch waistline, wowing netizens everywhere

Jessy Mendiola did it again. She has wowed several netizens and became the center of attraction once more after she showed off her fitness progress with a 24 inch waistline to boot.

It is undeniable that the actress is one of the sexiest stars in the current entertainment and show business industry. She managed to continue to surprise her followers over Instagram after she shared stories of herself showing off her physique clad in some old pair of jeans that are now loose on her again. “”My favorite pair of high-waist jeans aren’t so high-waisted anymore” wrote Jessy Mendiola.

She then went on to joke that she was not the most luxurious when it came to those materialistic stuff. “Kuripot kasi talaga ako guys, pero siguro sign na to para bumili na ng mga bagong damit? Tingin niyo?” she continued to joke.

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The Kapamilya actress once sat down with to discuss her fitness journey where she disclosed that she was very happy with it. “I’m very happy. I want to inspire others to start their fitness journey, too, not because of other people, but for themselves.” Jessy Mendiola said.

She then stated that she started with a 29 inch waistline early this year and cut it down by 5 inches being left with only 24 inches in just 3 months of total discipline and dedication!


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“I don’t do diets… I only do juicing once in a while to restart my system. As for food intake I just eat anything I want in moderation,”disclosed the actress. “I also listen to my body, so I make sure that I get to do the right exercise for the day. I learned from my trainer and nutritionist that it isn’t always about deprivation with food and beast mode in the gym,” she added.

When asked whether she had a specific goal for her weight, Jessy Mendiola simply stated that she preferred to have a healthy and active lifestyle. “I feel at my best and most beautiful when I feel healthy,” the sexy actress said.

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It has proven time and again that Jessy Mendiola has a very active lifestyle as she does Muay Thai, cardio, amongst other work outs and activities. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to where she is now in just so little time!

Source: Instagram

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