Raffy Tulfo helps man to return to Iloilo after being victimized by an illegal recruiter.

A man who became a victim of an illegal recruiter sought help from Raffy Tulfo to get back home to Iloilo.

An emotional Leonard Peras went to the program of Raffy Tulfo to ask for help in going back home to Iloilo after he was deceived by an illegal recruiter who promised to land him a job in Manila. Leonard was a tricycle driver back in Iloilo. One day, a woman named Giselle Gula approached him and his other fellow drivers and introduced herself as a recruiter. The woman asked them if they are interested in working in Manila. Whoever said yes will be offered a janitorial job.

They asked her about the salary of the supposed job and the recruiter assured them that the salaray would not be a problem.

Leonard thought that it was a good idea to work in Manila in the hopes that he would earn more from it than his current job. He has two children and is separated from his wife.

The recruiter told him that he would need to pay P3,000, aside from the money he would need for traveling. Leonard had to pawn his phone for more than P3,000. He said that he had spent almost P5,000 in total just to go to Manila.

After reaching Cubao, the recruiter told him to wait so she could get a taxi that would take him to his workplace. The woman took with her Leonard’s things, including the 5 kilograms of rice he brought for himself. After a while, he saw the woman inside a taxi. He thought that it would stop to fetch him but he was surprised to see it drove away, leaving him.

He was left with nothing but his P200. He stayed at the bus terminal since Wednesday, not being able to take a bath nor change his clothes. He said that he only ate once a day so his P200 could last for a few days.

A staff of the bus company noticed that Leonard has been sleeping in the terminal for a couple of days now. Leonard narrated what had happened to him. The staff suggested him to go to the program of Raffy Tulfo to seek help and he gave Leonard money he could use to travel to the studio.

Tulfo called Leonard’s mother, Bebang Peras, and assured her that Leonard will soon get back home.

Tulfo told Leonard that he will shoulder all the expenses he would need to return to Iloilo. Tulfo would pay and book him a plane ticket. Aside from this, Tulfo also asked his staff to buy Leonard new clothes and shoes, and give him a new phone.

In the end, Leonard was able to go travel back home to Iloilo.


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Pagdating ng Maynila, tinakasan siya ng kanyang recuiter at napilitang gawing tirahan ang terminal ng bus.

Pagdating ng Maynila, tinakasan siya ng kanyang recuiter at napilitan siyang gawing tirahan ang terminal ng bus.#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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