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Mark Estephen transforms back into being the transwoman, Sabel Gonzales

It was only last June of this year when Mark Estephen publicly announced that he is letting go of Sabel Gonzales. Sabel was his name as a transwoman. Yesterday, just 22 hours as of writing, Mark posted a photo on Facebook dressed as a woman again. This was after photos of him from a Facebook user named Anjeli Tanne went viral on social media.

After everything he said about immorality and his beliefs, is Mark Estephen really back as Sabel? And will this re-transformation be his last? These are the kinds of questions some of the netizens asked on photos of him that are going rounds on the internet.

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On Facebook, Mark wrote:

I’m also human, I’m not perfect, and I know that in every decision that I make, there’s a consequence. I’m NOT PROUD just to show my pride, but I humble myself to admit that I am a sinner that need the forgiveness of God. I am imperfect person that needs the perfect LOVE of God… This is the reality that people should know, it is not easy what I am going through, but I still have HOPE in our Lord JESUS CHRIST that I will be transformed inside and out in His right time…”

According to an article by ABS-CBN, the public first noticed Mark’s transition from feminine to masculine was last January of this year. This was when he began wearing masculine clothes instead of his usual woman clothes.

During Mark’s exclusive interview with the Kapamilya network, he described his life as a transwoman as something immoral. He even stated:

“That’s the struggle, especially before, I lived with the immorality. But we need to flee [from] the immorality.”

In the same interview, he shared that he was open to having a wife and children if someone was willing enough to look past his then former life choice.

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Mark or shall we say, Sabel has obviously gone through a lot when it comes to finding her identity. With many factors to consider, including her faith which is what Sabel had gone through, it may be difficult for her to truly accept herself. But at the end of the day, what truly matters is you and your own happiness. This was also what many netizens commented on her photos in support of her decision.

Watch the video:

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