Two girls went to police to file charges against their stepfather

Two minor girls and their grandmother went to police authorities to formally file a complaint against their stepfather who allegedly threated them and hacked their Facebook account as a way of destroying their image.

“Berna” and “Bea” (not their real names) were accompanied by the team of Raffy Tulfo’s public service program to Camp Crame, the headquarters of the Philippine National Police (PNP), to file charges against their stepfather Janzel Delos Santos.

During the interrogation with police authorities, Berna told them that her stepfather was threatening her and her sister after they refused to do something for Janzel that can destroy their dignity as a woman.

They previously revealed that Janzel was intoxicated at one time and told Berna to kiss him on the lips. Berna refused to do this but it did not stop Janzel to touch her on her breast.

Bea also said Janzel was the one who hacked his Facebook account and posted nasty information about her using her account so that it may look like that she was confessing something dirty to her friends. She said her stepfather is blaming her for “brainwashing” her cousin. The cousin left their house and hasn’t come back yet.

The police then asked them if they told this to their mother but just as what they said to Raffy, they were scared that their mother, who was cooking at the time Berna was with Janzel, would not believe them.

After the interrogation with the police, Berna formally charged her stepfather in relation to child maltreatment. Bea, on the other hand, did not pursue further legal actions as Janzel stopped harming them.

Janzel previously denied all accusations thrown at him, saying the two were just making up stories after he became strict on them. He said that he became strict after her caught the girls getting involved with illegal substance and hard drinks.

The two denied these allegations. “Kung gagawa ako ng kwento, bakit ako pupunta dito edi mapapahiya ako?” Berna asked her stepfather.

Raffy told Arlene, the girls’ grandmother, to take care of them and insist that the two should stay under her custody forever so that Janzel cannot hurt them anymore.

Arlene thanked Raffy for helping them with their problem. Police are still investigating about the case.

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