Like mother, like daughter, Ina Raymundo finally shows off her eldest Erika Poturnak

If you still haven’t heard, Ina Raymundo has finally revealed her eldest daughter Erika on Instagram. The 42-year-old hot momma of five recently posted present day photos of her 16-year-old after hiding her from the spotlight for quite some time.

In a post in 2016, the former “Sabado Nights” girl revealed that it wasn’t her idea to keep Erika off her social media page. In fact, it was actually her daughter’s decision to keep her anonymity through and through. Ina, of course, was in full support of her daughter’s choice and often just post photos of her three younger daughters, Mikaela, 10; Anika, 8; and Minka, 5.

She explained on Instagram, “Sa lahat ng mga curious sa eldest ko, she wants anonymity. She doesn’t want to be on my IG. I truly respect that but I just want to share that my 14-year-old daughter is beautiful, smart, super strong (like her dad) and very independent. Right now, she’s at a sports camp in the U.S. getting more disciplined and educated about fitness.”

Indeed, Erika must have a knack for fitness as seen on one of Ina’s latest post. The mother and daughter posed in front of a full-size mirror in their workout outfits. The actress captioned her post, “Who’s that girl? #thenextSabadoNightsgirl? (emoji) #SabadoNights #someday” Could this be a hint that Erika wants to enter showbiz?

In another post, the actress shared a photo of Erika only this time, with her only son, Jakob. She wrote on Instagram, Meet my beautiful eldest daughter, Erika with her brother Jakob. (heart emojis) #siblings #halloween2018 #magkapatid #perfectsmile #siblinggoals”

The apple doesn’t really fall far from the tree as Erika looks so much like her mother. One of the photos found in a PEP article shows a side by side photo of Inna and Erika when the actress was only 19 years old. Many would notice the huge resemblance in their looks.

However, this is actually not the first time that Erika appeared on her mother’s Instagram page. In fact, just in May this year, her mother posted a throwback photo of them together with international artist Bruno Mars. Erika was only 7 at the time the photo was taken. The Kapamilya star wrote, “Meet my beautiful eldest daughter, Erika with her brother Jakob. (emoji) #siblings #halloween2018 #magkapatid #perfectsmile #siblinggoals”

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