KC Concepcion receives criticisms for her “unladylike” way of sitting

People always expect celebrities to be at their best dress and look at all times. As famous personalities, their every move is surely monitored by the public. Recently, KC Concepcion is in hot water after netizens spotted her sitting in a way they deemed unladylike.

In the photo, the actress took a snap of herself with one of her legs up while looking very comfortable inside a car. Her caption read:

“Ready for the new week ahead? Ohhh, I know you are.”

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Although she was looking very relaxed in the image, some netizens seemed not pleased with what they saw.

Many of her critics camped under the comment section and gave her a lecture on how women should sit. She was told to lower her leg since it looked awkward for them. Another netizen condemned her for showing too much of her skin.

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However, several people online defended her from critics, especially the ones who were malicious about it. For them, KC Concepcion may be a prominent personality but she’s also like everyone else who wants to feel comfortable. Meanwhile, other fans even complimented her glorious legs to probably appreciate the unbothered beauty.

Truly, one of the downsides of being a celebrity is getting criticized for each move. Despite this, KC Concepcion remains a carefree woman who continuously shares her happy moments in life.

Here are some of the supportive comments KC received from the loving fans.

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SOURCE: Instagram
PHOTO SOURCE:1-15 Instagram

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