Gab Valenciano: A second chance at love

Love can sometimes hurt us, yet love can also be the one to bring us back to love again.

After a failed marriage with former wife Tricia Centenera, Gab Valenciano learns to love again with his non-showbiz girlfriend Joann Santiago. Gab’s Instagram post said it all.
Gab posted a photo of him with Joann scuba diving in the deep waters of Casa Escondida Anilao Resort and Dive Center, with the two holding a small board. Written on it are the words “Love, I want to make you the happiest person in the world, will you be mine?” Options were placed on the bottom of the line, Joann gets to answer either yes or no. From the photo, you will see that Joann put a check to yes, with a hundred percent!

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“I don’t really know how to begin,” said the dancer, “words are escaping me at the moment.” And he just poured out how grateful he is of Joann. “I guess I can start by saying thank you. Thank you for being my second wind in life. Thank you for understanding me in ways nobody ever has. For believing in me and accepting me despite my shortcomings. For showing me that life can be simple. And thank you for loving me unconditionally, just when I thought I have given up. You are my second chance and I will make this count. I am lucky to know you, beautiful one. Even more blessed to have you. I love you, Jo. Excited to journey through life with you.”

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Because of Jo, the multi-talented Gab turned back to love, and he is very much thankful for it. “Here’s the thing, if not for her efforts to make things right, I would have been Jo-less and most likely still lost in the dark. She made me understand that my center should be Christ, and she is proof that He truly exists.” Gab also left a message to all broken hearted people out there:
“Jo is my miracle, you’ll find yours too. You’ll be broken one way or another, it’s about finding someone who finds beauty in your brokenness and together picks up the pieces, hand in hand, and lets you fly.”

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