Wife wants to file charges against husband who mistreats her

A wife and a mother went to Raffy Tulfo’s program to complain about her husband who accuses her of having another man and hurting her in front of their children.

MIlky Naquila brought her children to the program. Their faces were blurred to protect the identities of the minors. Milky said that she was being punched by his husband. One time, she was hit on her nose causing it to bleed and procure a large wound.

One of the children said that they oftentimes see how their father treats their mother. The child said that she saw his father hitting her mother with a Sto. Niño statue.

Mark Anthony Naquila, the husband, was also in the same room. He did not deny what he did to his wife but reasoned out that he did it because he was mad. He found out that his wife was talking to another man. He said that his wife is not like that before. He used to be a seaman and after going home, he noticed that his wife had changed. Milky now oftentimes spends her day inside her room, not doing anything aside from using her phone, texting and chatting people. Anthony even saw a message that says “I love you” in one of her wife’s conversation.

Milky explained that it was her online acquaintances who were responsible for what was happening to them. They made a dummy or fake account using Milky’s name and photo. They used this to talk to other people and make it seem like she was having extra-marital affairs.

Tulfo told Milky that as a seaman, Anthony had experienced loneliness, being away from their family. The least she could do is pay attention to him.

But Milky said that Anthony is different whenever he gets home. He spends his time with his friends, drinking. Anthony also goes to beerhouses. Milky said that she also once saw a message with “I love you” in it sent to a different woman.

Tulfo said that as a husband, Anthony too has the responsibility to give his family enough attention.

What Milky wanted now was so file a case against her husband because he had enough of the 14 years of maltreatment she gets from her husband. Even all their children could testify to what their father was doing.

Anthony admitted his faults and decided to just leave his family. He apologized to what he did to Milky, and told his children that he might be going behind bars.

But despite everything, the children do not want their father to be apprehended. The eldest said that he wanted his parents to get back together. But Anthony responded that it will be impossible now.

Both Milky and Anthony went to the barangay to settle their issue.


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