Did John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna finally share a video of their baby?

Far from their glamorous lifestyle, celebrity couple John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna recently chose to have a simpler life. After their son was born, the two have decided to step out of the limelight. In fact, John Lloyd has been spotted several times as he roams around in public. He was also seen as he bought street foods and commuted via public jeepneys.

Recently, many people believed that the couple has finally given the public a glimpse of their baby,  Elias. Instagram user, @ellen_johnlloyd, has uploaded a short clip of a baby, which many believe to be their son.

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In the short video, several kids were happily playing together. Besides this, a photo of two babies has also circulated the web. Although it wasn’t officially confirmed, many of their fans believed that John Lloyd and Ellen have decided to finally introduce their son to the world. It also came with a short but meaningful caption that says:

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”

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Although many of their supporters are hoping for their comeback as celebrities, their decisions are still uncertain. It is also quite obvious on their social media, that both of them are enjoying their time as a family.

Despite their sudden decision of leaving the showbiz industry, many people were still happy to see their current situation. They are also eager to see baby Elias’ photo and are excited to meet him as well. Like them, we are also anticipating for this baby’s future and if he also plans to enter the glamorous world of show business.


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