Jackie Lou Blanco sizzles the internet with her sultry bikini snap

We can’t deny that most of us fear the effects of aging. Throughout the years, many of us have used several beauty products to try and make us look younger. Some even tend to hit the gym and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just like 54-year-old Jackie Lou Blanco, who recently surprised the public with her jaw-dropping sexy physique.

She uploaded her stunning snap on Instagram and has immediately gained attention from netizens. Many people were definitely shocked to see her well-maintain physique despite her age.

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On her post, she shared how she struggled to achieve such a glorious body. Wearing a sultry maroon two-piece, she still admitted that she was hesitant to post the photo online. But thankfully, she the had the confidence to flaunt the result of her hard work. The former winner of Slimmer’s World Great Bodies also uploaded it on time for her 54th birthday.

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Despite her successful weight loss journey, Jackie still admitted that she still has insecurities. But thanks to her ever-supportive family and friends, she was able to achieve her ultimate body goals. She also stressed how important discipline and a healthy diet have helped her maintain her shape.

“Still a long way to go but with the love and support of those I love, I know the journey will be worth it. So today I celebrate my struggles,my strengths,my weaknesses, and my victories. I celebrate all the women out there, all shapes and sizes. Know you are not alone in your struggles. I celebrate YOU! I celebrate LIFE!”

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