WATCH: Viral video of a dog who patiently waits at the same spot where his owner lost her life

A video of a dog waiting at the same spot where his owner lost her life is going viral around the internet.

Based on China’s Pear Video website, the said dog has been seen by people patiently waiting on the road every day for 80 straight days at the spot where his owner got into a car mishap last August 21. The video was taken on a road in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. It was uploaded to the Sina Weibo microblog, a popular social media platform in China.

According to the report of BBC, the dog strays away from the people who attempt to approach him to offer help.

“Drivers often give the little dog bits of food, but when we get out, he goes away,” said a taxi driver who oftentimes see the dog just sitting at the same spot every day.

He said that the relationship of the owner to her dog was really deep that is why the dog stayed at the same spot where his owner lost her life to guard. Or maybe the dog does not really fully understand what had happened to his owner so he is still patiently waiting for her to come back where he last saw her.

“Every day it’s in the road, I always see it. The relationship between man and dog is so true,” the taxi driver added.

This video was documented last November 10, and since then, it has been shared several times to several media platforms. Netizens commented on the dog’s loyalty while others showed their concern for the welfare of the dog. But the people who have been seeing the dog said that they often leave him food to ease his hunger.

The video had now reached 1.4 million views on Weibo.

This is not the first time that a dog caught the netizens’ attention. Another dog in China had gone viral for its loyalty. Xiongxiong, a 15-year old dog, patiently waits for his owner to come home from work every day. This dog does not need a collar or a leash. He just simply sits on the ground by the entrance of the subway and wait for about 12 hours until his owner arrives.

“He’s always been like this,” said Xiongxiong’s owner who has been looking after him for around 8 years now. Some residents say that Xiongxiong is comfortable with people touching him and giving him pats. He has been considered as a celebrity dog by the people on the internet.


Watch the full video here:

Puppy waits for the owner who died in a car accident

This puppy in China's Inner Mongolia has been waiting in the middle of the road for 80 days…According to a taxi driver, its owner died in a car accident which happened right here two months ago.

Posted by PearVideo on Sunday, November 11, 2018



Source: BBC

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