Woman complains about live-in partner who bites like a dog whenever they fight

A woman complained about his live-in partner to the program of Raffy Tulfo saying that he has been hitting her several times now, and she just wanted the both of them to separate.

Jocelyn Peligrino was firm on her decision to have her live-in partner, Jaylord Ong, leave their house. She said that Jaylord has been hurting her. She even showed the big bruise on her arm. She said that her live-in partner bit her, causing the big mark.

Raffy Tulfo encouraged Jocelyn to just file a case against Jaylord and have him sent behind bars. But Jocelyn wanted none of it. She said that it is enough for her to be separated with Jaylord. What she wanted now was for Jaylord to provide financial support for their children.
Tulfo talked to Jaylord and the latter was emotional, begging for Jocelyn not to leave him. He said that he loves Jocelyn very much. Tulfo told him that if he really loves his partner, he would not do anything to hurt her.

Jaylord said that it was not only him who does things to Jocelyn. He said that Jocelyn too oftentimes hurt him. Jocelyn said that she was just doing that to get back at her live-in partner.
Both of them are saying that they oftentimes bite or scratch each other, as if they are cats and dogs.
Jaylord admitted that he was the one responsible for the bruise on Jocelyn’s arm. But he only did that out of drunkenness and because the two of them were fighting that time.
Jocelyn said that Jaylord becomes jealous easily and believes whatever the other people are saying. Jocelyn is a balut vendor and some of her male customers joke about courting her. Jocelyn told them to stop doing it because they all have families of their own. But Jaylord seemed to take the jokes seriously.

The two finally confronted at the Women’s Desk Office of Brgy. Bagbag, Quezon City. Jaylord was still persistent on convincing Jocelyn to let the issue slide, but Jocelyn was firm on her stand. In the end, the two agreed to separate and have Jaylord provide financial support to their children.
Tulfo’s team accompanied them back to their house.

Jaylord packed his things up. He told Jocelyn that if something happens with their children, he will get them from her. He finally left the house.
But after a week, Jocelyn decided to forgive Jaylord and the two got back together for the sake of their children.

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