This bus company admitted to their fault and it made Raffy Tulfo happy

A woman sought help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in his public service program to make a bus line liable for losing her luggage.

In the episode aired earlier this year, Abie Pura said she boarded a DLTB bus from Gubat, Sorsogon going to Manila. Upon her arrival in Manila, she was surprised to not see her luggage that was put in the compartment of the bus.

Abie complained to Raffy that DLTB, Co. was not doing anything to retrieve her lost luggage or at least pay her a reasonable amount of money as compensation. She said her appeal to the company has been taking for almost a year now.

The show then called Cris Maige, the legal secretary of the DLTB, Co. to seek the side of the bus line. According to Cris, they are still waiting for the counter-offer of their management as it is impossible for them to retrieve her lost luggage. He also invited Abie to come to their office in person so that the process would be faster.

Abi said that she has been in the office for quite some time to check on sume updates. Cris then said that it was taking so long because they rely on the passengers’ ticket in proper processing. Abi then said that the conductor of the bus did not even issue a ticket to her.

This triggered Raffy as it was clear for him that DLTB, Co. has the faults in this situation. Raffy told Cris that they will accompany Abi to the office, together with some staff from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, to seek compensation for their faults.

Raffy also reminded Cris to tell their conductors to always issue a ticket especially to their passengers’ bags so that this type of incident would not happen again.
Cris admitted that it was the company’s fault, which made Raffy happy because they did not try to deny the accusations thrown at them.

Ryan Salvador, complaint desk officer of Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, told Raffy and Abi that the latter should have compensation from the company in her case because it was their fault her luggage got lost.

In the end, Abi went to the office of DLTB, Co. along EDSA and got her financial compensation for the lost luggage. He thanked Raffy because finally, she got the proper compensation that she has been longing for a long time.

Source: Youtube

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