Man complains about ex-wife who demands a lot from him

A separated couple fought in front of Raffy Tulfo while talking about their problem with the man’s financial support.

Norberto Yonson said that his wife is the reason why the both of them separated, saying that she often gets jealous for no reason. The woman even got jealous with Norberto’s own daughter when he took her to the hotel. In the latter part of the video, Norberto said that he had to take his daughter out because his wife does not allow his daughter to visit. The said daughter was Norberto’s child with his first wife. Tulfo found it really bothering how Norberto’s wife could get jealous even at his own daughter.

Norberto recently was able to avail a car and immediately applied as a Grab driver. But after a while, the income from his job has become insufficient so he decided to sell it through an assumed balance basis. His former wife wanted to see the documents.

But the real reason why Norbeto approached the program of Tulfo was because his former wife has been asking too much from him. His wife told him that the PHP12,000 he has been sending to his family every month is not enough anymore. It has been hard for Norberto because has no job and was just living off of the payment from his car.

Carmela Yonson, the former wife, entered the scene and too went face-to-face. She was emotional while denying all the allegations of her former husband. She showed an agreement they had certified by the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) saying that Norberto is required to send a financial support of PHP20,000 every month. In contrast to what Norberto was saying, the real reason why they separated was that she caught him texting another woman. She said that she could even provide screenshots of the said conversation. She felt like the financial support that Norberto was providing does not adhere to their agreement.

Norberto said that he had kept all the receipts and claimed that he never went below the amount of what was required of him, and in fact, it was Carmela who was not following their agreement. Upon talking about their custody, the children will be under the care of Carmela but she has to keep them in Cavite. Carmela failed to do so. As written in agreement, Norberto is allowed to visit and take their two children out every Sunday and return them to Carmela on the same day.
Carmela countered saying that it was the children who do not want to be with Norberto. The latter said that he never fails to visit them on the weekend but Carmela always locks the door of the house to prevent the children from seeing their father.

Norberto narrated how he becomes a battered husband during their relationship. He said that whenever they fight before, Carmela oftentimes threw things at him. In one incident, Norberto was just sleeping and Carmela decided to throw a phone at him. Another incident happened where Carmela soaked his clothes in the drainage.

Carmela said that he did this because Norberto was not giving them enough attention.
Tulfo reprimanded Carmela saying that lacking attention does not justify her treatment towards her husband.
Find out what happened in their resolution.

Source: Youtube

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