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 Ina Raymundo talks about her five equally-attractive children

Actress Ina Raymundo is still one of the most beautiful faces in the showbiz industry today. Despite her age, she has kept her voluptuous figure, radiating glow, and irresistible charm. But if you think that actress Ina is just too much to handle, you got it all wrong.

To those who haven’t heard it yet, Ina’s good genes pretty run well in her family. All of her five children named Erika, 16, Jacob, 14, Miki, 10, Anika, 8, and Minka, 5, have inherited the good looks of their mother.

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As of this moment, Ina’s first two kids are now full-fledged teenagers while the remaining three are now school-aged children. With just a year away, her youngest child Minka will be going to school as a first grader.

Interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Ina said that she feels sad that her children are growing too fast and that she fears that they don’t want to be with her one day.

“They grow up so fast kaya ayokong lumaki sila. Nalulungkot lang ako na lumalaki na yung mga anak ko and one day they don’t want to be with me, yung ganong feeling.”

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Ina even added that if she would love to get pregnant again if she would be given a chance. However, her husband, Brian Poturnak, feels like he’s okay with having five kids in their family. She even quipped about it that they would have 10 kids if her husband doesn’t have that mindset.

“He’s being realistic, ako naman, I’m being idealistic. Kung hindi nagbago yung mindset niya, siguro sampu yung anak namin. Kasi ako yung game, e.”

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Source: ABS-CBN News| Philippine Entertainment Portal | Instagram | Smart Parenting 
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