Ronnie Alonte went speechless after Vice Ganda revealed his “secret”

All of us have our own secrets. With secrets we mean, things that we do not want other people to know. But of course, keeping a secret means keeping something controversial. And something controversial is what everybody wants to know. It’s ironic but many people go crazy just to know something considered as “confidential” or controversial”.

In an episode of ABS-CBN’s noontime show, “It’s Showtime”, Vice Ganda shared a secret pointed out at co-host Ronnie Alonte. The secret made the young host speechless as Vice unraveled through the details. Even other hosts Zeus, Vhong Navarro and Ryan Bang feel victim to Vice’s unexpected revelations.

The revelation came when Ronnie, Ryan and Zeus were about to ask two of the audience about something. Vice then brought up a topic about Zeus and Ronnie visiting a particular massage parlor. When Vice mentioned something about the massage parlor, Ronnie immediately reacted while accusing Vice of creating lies. Although Ronnie is smiling, he is denying everything.

“May nakausap akong masahista. Lagid aw nagpupunta ‘yang dalawang ‘yan (Zeus and Ronnie),” Vice told his co-host, Vhong.

The show’s host proceeded on revealing what the massage therapist allegedly told him.

“Sabi si Ronnie pala pinakagwapo sa personal pero siya pinakamaliit mag-tip. Ang dami-dami daw pinapagawa, 175 ‘yung binigay na tip,” he continued.

Upon hearing the amount of the tip, Ronnie said, “ay hindi na totoo ‘yan.”

Vice then challenged the young host.

“Ako sinungaling? Gusto mo sabihin ko kung saan?”

The Ronnie’s word became lesser.

“Hala, oa (over-acting)”, Ronnie answered.

“Gusto mo sabihin ko kung saan? Anong pangalan? Para Makita natin sa mga reaksyon niyo kung sino sa’tin ang sinungaling. Sasabihin ko ‘yung pangalan ng masahihan?”

At this point, Ronnie no longer answered back.

Until Ryan Bang then directed the subject to Zeus and asked if Zeus gave a larger amount of money as tip.

Source: ABS-CBN

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