Abu Dhabi-based Filipino continuously feeds stray cats despite being unemployed.

A Filipino resident in Abu Dhabi never fails to provide food and tender love and care towards stray cats despite losing his job months ago.

Jonathan Sibol is a 30-year-old Filipino resident in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Ever since then, he really does have a soft heart for his furry feline friends who are loitering around the Capital. He started feeding these stray cats since 2015 and used to spend Dh1,000 every month from his own wallet to buy cat food. Unfortunately, Jonathan lost his job last year. He used to work in sales, but he has been unemployed for 8 months now.

But despite this, he never stopped with his advocacy of taking care of animals. Through the help of his friends and his neighbors around the area, he is still able to feed the cats. His friends oftentimes donate cat foods and water for them.

“In 2015, I started buying cat food, milk, water and other things they needed with my own money, but sadly I’ve been jobless for the past eight months. Despite this, I am very thankful that some of my friends are helping me out – they donate cat food so I can keep feeding the cats every day,” said Jonathan.

His advocacy serves as a reminder to everyone that animals also deserve attention and should not be neglected just because they are not human.

Jonathan feeds more than 40 felines everyday in Abu Dhabi, mainly around the area of Al Falah and near Medeor Hospital. When he was still employed, he used to feed more than this number. Everyday, he goes out on the streets to distribute the food and pour fresh water or milk for the stray cats.

“I want to show people that having financial problems is not an excuse not to help others, including animals. When I look into the eyes of the cats, I do not see an animal, I see a living being. I see a friend and a soul,” he explained. “I believe all living things here are equal and we all deserve to live. Feeding them is an honor for me. I feel happy when I do.”

Because of his advocacy in animal welfare, Jonathan kept on receiving a generous amount of donations from fellow animal lovers. This month, Jonathan is expecting to receive a donation of 50 kilograms of cat food from a concerned citizen.

“Right now, I have plenty of time in my hands, so I spend it in different areas, distributing food. There are many strays that are starving and they need our help. I’ve been keeping and saving the donations I receive in my house, and I go out on my own to feed the cats. Sometimes, a few of my friends come with me,” Jonathan said.


Source: Khaleejtimes, Facebook

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