Residents report about their decade-long problem with their drainage system

Residents of Antipolo Village, Brgy. Highway Hills in Mandaluyong City resorted to Raffy Tulfo’s radio program to report their decade-long problem at their place. They want to reach the local authorities about the stagnant water drainage in their area which has been causing the residents to fall ill.

The residents showed a video of the said drainage and you could see that the water was really murky. Stagnant water like this can house dengue-carrying mosquitos and the likes which are very unsafe.

Ronnie Sumantang, the president of their Homeowners Association, said that they have been dealing with the problem for 10 years now. In the past years, the homeowners were still able to help each other out in cleaning the drainage, but just two years ago, an obstruction was built and they could not access the area anymore. From the photo shown, despite the obstruction, there are still insects such as cockroaches, frolicking in the area.

What the residents request now is for the local government to have the drainage vacuumed to the deposited mire to release the stagnant water.

Tulfo called Jimmy Isidro, the City Administrator of Mandaluyong, about the problem. He said that there are houses being built in the area, and the other residents requested to be permitted to use half of the street as a staging area. Isidro thinks that one of the reasons for the flooded drainage was because of those who were doing their laundry outside.

Sumantang said that the reason why other residents do their laundry outside was still that of the drainage. They could not do it indoors because the used water would just add up to the stagnant one.

Isidro suggested Sumantang to go to their office so they could talk to their city engineer and have the problem assessed.

Sumantang reiterated their request to have the area vacuumed as a temporary solution to the problem. Isidro agreed but suggested the residents to also help them in fixing the issue, especially with regards to the residents’ garbage disposal. Sumantang assured him that the officers of the Homeowners are doing their best to control the situation.

Isidro said that they would immediately send a Vactor unit to vacuum the drainage.

The next day, Christian Santos, the head of Engineering Maintenance, said that the cleaning operation is already ongoing but there was a problem in some residential parts because they could not access all the drainage.

In the end, both the authorities and the locales cooperated in cleaning their village.

Source: Youtube

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