Pia Wurtzbach reveals working as waitress, factory worker before becoming a beauty queen

Pia Alonzo-Wurtzbach – we know her as the beauty queen who took back home the Miss Universe crown to the Philippines in 2015, we know her for her famous “confidently beautiful with a heart” answer, people around the world know her as the Miss Universe winner who had a very memorable winning moment, and of course, we know her as the stunning woman with a Barbie-like face and figure who is almost perfect.
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But what we do not know that behind all this beauty and success, Pia is also just like many of us who struggled once in her life and in fact, also experienced day jobs at one point.

In an exclusive interview with veteran showbiz host Boy Abunda, Pia revealed that before this whole glitz and glamour of being a beauty queen, she once worked as a waitress and a factory worker back in the days when she was still staying in the United Kingdom (UK).

“First real job ko was I was a waitress in one of the hotels where my parents are staying at,” Pia said without naming the said hotel.

She added that this particular experience made her respect people working in the service industry even more.
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“It’s not easy. I have huge respect for the people working in the service industry kasi naging ganon din ako dati. I’m nice to them, I talk to them, I smile to them because naaalala ko yung mga, I mean a few people that I’ve served before so I’m pretty sure they’ll remember me too,” she added.

The 29-year-old beauty queen and actress said that it was her choice to take the job since her 17-years-old self is not doing anything that time and of course for the need to earn money as well.

Surprisingly, Pia also admitted taking a factory worker job which she hides from the knowledge of her mother.

“Yung mommy ko hindi niya alam na parang nagwo-work ako sa line, ang sinabi ko sa kaniya desk job ‘yon, kasi baka hindi niya ako payagan eh! Wala namang masama doon… pero medyo kasi strict kasi siya,” she explained.

Pia said working in a factory producing paper is much harder than being a waitress.

“Mas mahirap yon… malamig doon sa warehouse, hindi ko rin mapaglaban yung break ko kasi nahihiya ako… and I would come home with paper cuts kasi you’re doing paper all day,” Pia said.

“One day napansin ng mommy ko ‘o anong nangyari sayo’ tapos sabi ko ‘ay kasi ang daming papel papel don’ ganyan, tapos the next day nag gloves na ko para hindi na ko mabuking,” she added.
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Watch her full interview below:

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