Pia Wurtzbach shares her experience as a waitress, factory worker

While some people are born lucky enough to be in a rich family, some people are not.

Those people who are not born with a silver platter on front of them have to do something to make ends meet.

Some people who do not have enough in life are left with no other choice but to work to provide for their own personal needs and for the needs of their family. These people even start working at a very young age just to help their family survive.

This kind of story is not new in our society today. Young people are more aware right now about so many things in our society and some of them are even more mature for their current age and one of the factors for this might be their early involvement in working for their needs.

In show business, celebrities are not new to this kind of situation. Aside from pursuing their dream to become an actor or an actress, some celebrities really get into showbiz to help their families.

One celebrity who really worked her way up in showbiz is Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, and how she lived her life before being crowned as the winner of one of the most prestigious beauty pageants today.

Pia was born in Germany. Her parents then separated after her father had several affairs with other women and eventually left them for someone else. After this, Pia, together with her mom and sister, moved to the Philippines to start a new life without their father.

According to a Rappler article last June 2017 that summarized Pia’s Maalaala Mo Kaya episode wherein she was portrayed by Liza Soberano, Pia was discovered by a talent scout in an amusement park. She got several projects during her childhood days.

When Pia got older, she auditioned at ABS-CBN and even modeled to help her family. Eventually, Pia’s family moved to the UK when her mom married her British boyfriend. Here, Pia worked as a waitress.

In an interview with Boy Abunda in Tonight With Boy Abunda, Pia revealed that her first real job was as a waitress in the UK in a hotel where her parents stayed. Pia said that it was a tough job and she has so much respect for people in the service industry because of her experience.

She also said that working was her own choice & that nobody forced her to do it.

“You know what, I’m gonna give this a try kasi wala naman akong ginagawa,” Pia said.

Pia also said that she also experienced working in a paper factory where she would come home with paper cuts all over her hands. She kept her factory job from her mother.

Pia shared this part of her life to make people get to know more about her before the life-changing Miss Universe 2015 win.

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