Sunshine Cruz enjoys a trip to newly opened Boracay

Sunshine Cruz may be a mother of 3 daughters but that does not stop her from being one of the most coveted stars in the entertainment industry even to this date. Her beauty is timeless and she ages with finesse and grace. She can easily compare with plenty of younger talents if she decided to. However, Sunshine is much more focused on being a good mother than competing.

Sunshine Cruz and her daughters have been taking some quality time together since they won their case against ex husband Cesar Montano. Prior to this, the couple broke up due to infidelity issues and the mother received full custody of all their three daughters.

To celebrate, they have been travelling in a lot of different places. After touring Korea, Sunshine Cruz along with her girls went to a have a quick getaway trip to the newly reopened Boracay Island.

During the trip, the Kapuso actress posted several photos which she shared via her social media accounts. One of the photos she shared was of herself wearing a bikini top paired with skimpy shorts. On the trip, she was accompanied by her boyfriend Macky Mathay.

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The mother of three daughters also bumped into one of her dear friends, Alma Concepcion who is an actress known for her stint in the famous but now concluded television drama Wildflower. The two look absolutely gorgeous in their beach attires and both could be seen wearing sunglasses.

The other photos posted by the actress showed more about their trip which looked very relaxing and fun. Boracay looked a lot different from when it was filled with tourists who allegedly turned the island into a “Cesspool.”

Prior to Sunshine Cruz’s vacation, Boracay was closed from April 2018 to October 2018 with the efforts of rehabilitating and restoring the paradise. When it opened its gates to the general public once again, the government imposed new sets of rules that would guide tourists to take care of the restored beach and paradise better.

There had been other celebrities who flocked to the scene the minute Boracay opened its gates to the public. One noteworthy celebrity was actress Cristine Reyes, who considered herself as a Boracay baby. The actress, like Sunshine Cruz, went to the beach with her family. She also posted several stunning photos of herself and as well as the wonderful Boracay view.

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