Renovating an old house for a better home

A house is a building that serves as a home – it is mostly for families, sometimes for friends and coworkers, too. A house is where most of our childhood memories are built; the object that witnesses our ups and our downs, our fights and our bonds, our problems and our solutions. That is why most of us dream of having a nice shelter, a cozy one that no matter how stressed we are in the outside world, we can always come home to our comfort.

On November 12, Madhouse Design Studio posted an album on Facebook about an old house transformation. Stated in the caption is that the 20-year old house was in deep need for a well-deserved renovation. Termites and water brought damages to the house, incurring weak foundation of the house that became the hardest part in redesigning the place. From the “Before” photos of the house, it really looked like a sad house and MDS said “A heavily dilapidated house in need of renovation.” There was a plant box before but was removed because “it only accumulated pests and dirt.” And from the inside, first floor ceiling had heavy termite damage, while the floors and doors had heavy water damage.

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The house was restored by removing all the damages first – breaking of tiles, cracking of floors, removal of damaged materials. The dual theme deluxe house will make you forget how drastic the damages are from before! Madhouse Design Studio tried out dual theme (Exterior theme: Cool Monochromatic Modern Contemporary, Interior theme: Warm-toned Modern Zen) to create a sense of two relaxing feels as you go to the house – cool and clean from the outside, and warm and cozy from the inside.

Take a look on the photos from the link

There are other old house renovations that you can be amazed of from the internet. One is an amazing renovation of a 106-year old house in a former chicken farm near Jeffersonville, New York. It is a 6000 square foot building that was converted to six apartments, but even before the decision for renovation, it was already 25 years abandoned, making it even more difficult to have it restored. But after the top-to-bottom renovation, it is now a place for the new parents to raise their kids.

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Another whole house remodel we can see is from a video posted in Youtube. The video showed before and after photos of the house where we can easily see the great changes the renovation did. Like other old houses, ceilings and walls were damaged. After redesigning and renovating, the old brown house became homie with the brighter warmer colors. The owners also added furniture that suited their new theme.

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Would you have the guts to renovate an excessively depreciated house?

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