Minor gets impregnated by her own cousin; Mother pleads for financial support!

Chona Daman, mother of a 16-year old minor named alias “Ising,” resorted to the program of Raffy Tulfo regarding the complicated case of her pregnant daughter. Ising was impregnated by her 23-year old cousin named Mark Vincent Lopez. Chona and Mark’s mother are first cousins, making Ising and Mark second degree cousins.

Chona said that she was an OFW and she only went home upon knowing that her daughter is pregnant, and she only found out about it after Ising reached her 7th month of pregnancy. He said that her daughter and Mark had a relationship, but only after something happened between them.
Tulfo called Mark about the problem. As it turned out, Mark had paid PHP30,000 as a form of fine for impregnating a minor who is also her cousin. Chona explained that it was a part of the Muslim tradition.

Tulfo had a hard time understanding the whole idea of paying for the pregnancy of Ising. He told Chona that she should not have accepted the money because doing so means that she was willing to negotiate the situation. All the time, Tulfo thought that what Chona wanted was for Mark to be apprehended for what he did.

Chona and Mark had a heated conversation in which Tulfo had to interfere to reprimand Mark for his disrespectful way of talking to his aunt. Tulfo said that he does not have the right to act so highly, arrogant, and rude to her aunt given the fact that he was the one at fault for impregnating a minor who happens to be his cousin also.

What Chona wanted was to get support, especially financially, from Mark and his family. She said that it has become harder for her to finance her daughter’s hospital expenses because she is a single mother and has no job as of the moment. She even asked if she could also get some amount to start as a capital for a probable business that would help her and Ising.
But Tulfo said that it would be hard because Mark has been saying that he does not have a permanent job.

In the second part of the story, Chona and Mark was able to talk face to face in Tulfo’s program.
Tulfo started interviewing Mark about how he and Ising discreetly started seeing each other. Mark was calmer now compared to when he was speaking the previous day over the phone. He said that both of them started to develop feelings towards each other, and soon enough, they were already in a secret relationship, in which “things” happened between them.

Mark was with her sister and grandmother. The sister tried to defend their side while the grandmother remained mum.

Watch the resolution to this complicated story:


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