Man who punched a motorist and introduced himself as a son of congressman, still on the loose!

Netizens tagged the program of Raffy Tulfo in a recent viral video on the internet showing a hostile man who threatened and punched another motorist after the victim allegedly cut him off the road.
As seen from the video, there was a man together with a woman and another man who was confronting the driver who was still inside his car by that time. After a few moments, the man suddenly punched the driver. His company tried to stop him. They all went back to their vehicle and drove away as if nothing happened.

Based on Jesusito Palma, the victim’s, story, before the group go, the man told him “Hindi mo ba ako kilala? Anak ako ni Congressman Lazatin!”

As seen from the video, the FJ Cruiser driven by the said man has a plate number of 8, meaning that the owner has a political position.

But it seemed like this unknown man really does feel like he owns the road. In a different video caught by a motorist using her dashcam, the same FJ Cruiser with the plate number 8 was seen traversing the road and cutting off in between the other vehicles.
Through a thorough research, the program was able to determine the possible Congressman Lazatin involved.

Tulfo contacted Cong. Carmelo John Lazatin II of the 2nd District of Pampanga about the incident.
Lazatin said that he had already watched the video but claimed that he does not know any of the people in the clip. He said that he does have a son but he was only 16 years old. The man on the video looks like he is already in his 30s, according to the victim himself. Lazatin also said that they do not own an FJ Cruiser.

He said that his eldest child is an 18-year old girl. Tulfo then asked him if there is a possibility that the woman who tried to stop the man in the video is his daughter, but Lazatin said no.
Upon seeing the plate number, Lazatin claims that it is impossible to be theirs because the plate was issued for the 16th Congress. Lazatin is a newly-elected congressman for the 17th Congress, and there are no plates issued to them yet.

Tulfo asked the congressman if he could think of a reason why someone would use his name.
Lazatin said that it could be partly politically motivated, or the suspect could have used it just to threaten the victim because people are aware that with politics comes influence.
Tulfo read the comments of the netizens and most of them said that it could be another Lazatin, known as Pogi Lazatin.

The Lazatin Tulfo was talking to said that Pogi Lazatin is his brother. But he said that he was not a congressman, but a councilor.

But Lazatin could not give any information about Pogi, saying that he does not like to meddle with Pogi’s personal life, especially that they are just half-brothers.
The search for the man in the video is still ongoing.

Source: Youtube

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