Here’s a list of Filipino celebrities who found their happiness by being in a relationship with Foreigners.

Love comes in different sizes, forms, shapes and colors. Love can be found from anywhere. It isn’t limited within a single race or country. Love is so powerful that it joins two different people together as one despite of the differences. These celebrities proved that by having a relationship with their foreign partners.

Pokwang and Lee O’Brian

Pokwang is currently experiencing the joy of having their own family in her relationship with the American actor Lee O’Brian together with their baby daughter named Malia

Solenn and Nico

Solenn Heusaff who has a French blood decided to get married with the Argentine Nico Bolzico last May in France.

Anne and Erwan

The brother of Solenn, Erwan Heusaff dated the It’s Showtime host Anne Curtis and later on decided to get married.

Rachelle Ann Go and Martin Spies

The Kapuso singer Rachelle Ann Go decided to get married with her American husband Martin Spies last April 2018

Ina and Brian

Back in 2003, the former sexy star Ina Raymundo decided to tie the knot with Canadian-Ukranian businessman named Brian Portunak. Several years later they’ve been blessed with 5 wondeful children named Erika, Jakob, Anika, Minka and Mikaela.

Patricia and Robert

Patricia Javier is now happily married with her husband Robert Walcher who‘s an American chiropractor. Their beautiful relationship produced two kids named Rob and Ryan.

G Toengi and Tim

One of the members of the “Gimik” gang G Toengi is currently living in the United States together with her loving husband Tim Walters and two kids named Sakura and Kenobi.

Aubrey and Troy

Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero proved that getting married isn’t a qualification for a relationship to workout.

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Diana and Andy

The sexy star Diana Zubiri got married with her Australian partner Andy Smith back in 2015. As of now they are enjoying the blessing of being a parent to their daughter Aliyah Rose.

Kitchie and Carlos

The musician Kitchie Nadal and her Spanish partner Carlos Lopez spent a four-year relationship together after deciding to tie the knot in 2015. Kitchie caught the attention of the netizens with her down to earth attitude when she wore a ready-to-wear-gown for her wedding day.

Michela and James

The PBA basketball player James Yap and Italian partner Michela Cazzola have already spent four years being together. The couple was blessed with a beautiful son named Michael James.

Isabelle and Adrien

On September 10, 2016, Isabelle Daza decided to tie the knot with her French partner Adrien Semblat.

Iza and Ben

A Filipino-British man named Ben Wintle won the heart of Iza after meeting in an event of a magazine in 2017.

Michelle and Chris

Michellle Madrigal is often spotted in Chris Ross’ game in support for the PBA player.

Georgina and Arthur

Last April 30, Georgina Wilson and her British partner named Arthur Burnand decided to get married in Winchester, United Kingdom.

Ruffa and Jordan

Back in 2015, Ruffa Gutierrez publicly declared her relationship with a French-Israeli named Jordan Mouyal.

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Vina and Marc

The singer actress Vina Morales revealed having a relationship with her French partner Marc Lambert last May.

Lovi and Chris

The Kapuso actress Lovi Poe and her Filipino-French boyfriend continues to display the sweetness of their relationship through their social media accounts.

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What can you say about their relationship with their foreign partners? Share your comments below.

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