A group of students of a Japanese language course complains not getting enough for what they paid for!

A group of students from Lyceum International College in BGC, Taguig City, went to Raffy Tulfo’s radio show to complain about their school’s educational and training program. The first part of the two-part story happened last June 12, and was published on September 17 on the Youtube channel of Raffy Tulfo in Action.

A total of 12 students, including the spokespersons of the group, Mark Calvin Temple and Charlotte Barrios, went to the studio to narrate what had happened. Joebert Mangaser, the owner of the Lyceum International College, went as well in an attempt to answer the queries against him and to defend himself.

Charlotte started by saying that they were not satisfied with the quality of education they had received from the training college. They were enrolled in the Japanese language course which was supposed to help them get a job in Japan. Their certificates claim that they had finished a total of 400 hours from the course but they all agreed that the sessions they had undergone are below 400 hours.

When they first enrolled to the course, they were told that the classes will be at least 5 days a week to fill the 400 hours within 3 months. But when they got there, the sessions became once a week, with at least 4 hours each. There was also a lack of teachers or sensei who will facilitate the language course, and the school’s facility was not conducive to learning.

Charlotte claims that what they learned was not enough to land them work in Japan. She was supposed to have an employer but she was disqualified because she was not able to talk to them in Japanese.

Aside from this, there was also a problem with the alleged tie-up agencies of the school.

Mark said that when they went to the agency, the people there said that they do not know the people working at Lyceum International College. In Mark’s case, he was sent for an interview with an agency, only to find out that the agency was looking for welders. Mark studied being a caregiver.

The group also found out that despite enrolling the same course, their tuition fee differs.

Joebert said that the program was blended. They had to adjust the schedule because some of the students still come from far places and some are working students. Tulfo told him that it was not his problem anymore and what should matter is for the students to get a quality education and training for the course they paid for.


With regards to the different tuition fees, Joebert said that some of them got discounted tuition fees because of the school’s promos. He said that the regular tuition fee is around P47,000.

With Mark’s issue, the owner claims that it was just an honest mistake and Mark was not supposed to be included in the interview line-up for welders.

What the students wanted was for the school to give them a refund.

Tulfo added that if the school failed to give in to the students’ demands, the school will surely face accreditation, and Joebert can be apprehended by the authorities.

Joebert gave in and said that they would immediately schedule for the refunding.

On the second part of the story published last November 12, the students finally got their money back. But they only got at least half of what they paid for since they also credited the hours of training they had undergone just to be fair for both sides.

The students thanked Raffy Tulfo and his team for the immediate action.


Watch the full video here:


Source: RaffyTulfoInAction

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