They expected to learn Nihonggo but they felt scammed

These students enrolled in a school in Makati City in hopes of learning Nihonggo for their plans of working in Japan. However, they felt the class is just a bogus that took away their money. Now, they want their money back.

A group of students enrolled in Lyceum International College in Makati City went to veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo’s public service program to seek help in getting their refund.

According to Mark Temple, one of the students who went to Raffy, he felt like he was scammed by the institution. He complained that he never learned Nihonggo and the quality of the classes is not the quality that he was expecting.

Mark also said they were promised to learn the language in 400 hours of classes but they only earned more or less than 100 hours of Nihonggo class. Their teachers just said on papers that they finally complete a 400-hour worth of classes but Mark and other students refuted this.
He also shared his story that his family even pawned their own lot so that he can pay for the tuition in Lyceum International College. He can’t help but to cry upon remembering his parents’ sacrifice and ending up not learning anything.

Moreover, Mark said Jobert Mangaser, the owner of Lyceum International College, promised them that the school can help them in getting a job of being a caregiver in Japan with the help of an agency. He was surprised to find out the agency was looking for wielders and not caregivers.
To defend himself, Jobert came to the show and told the students that he was still coordinating with agencies.

The students then told him that they want to have their money back. Jobert initially asked the students for mercy and excuse him from giving their refund. The students refused his mercy so he just asked them to give him some time to get the money that will be used for the refund.
After their confrontation in the show, Jobert vowed to Raffy that the school will return the students’ money.

The show then came to the school and monitor if Jobert will fulfil his promise. An official from Lyceum International College then explained the situation to the students and said they should be blamed for the problem.

In the end, the officials gave the money of the students by handing out checks to them.
The students thanked Raffy for helping them to get the justice they think they deserve.

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