The flood problem in a baranggay in Pampanga brought to Raffy is stillnot fixed!

A group of neighbour from San Simon, Pampanga appeared again in Raffy Tulfo’s public service program to give updates about the problem that they are facing with the flood in their area that they blame on the factory and poultry business near them.

Donabelle Parungao and her group once appeared on the show last October 26 to complain about the factory Reel Steel Corporation and how it caused them to have flood for more than five days already in Barangay Sta. Monica since the rain stopped. Some authorities have already promised that they will coordinate with the community to solve this problem. However, the community said that they are not really doing any improvement to solve their problem.

To recap, Barangay Sta. Monica is still flooded after the torrential rains that they experienced last October. A flood should subside a day or two after the rain stop but in their case, the flood is still there for more than a week and they blame the poor drainage system and they blame Reel Steel Corporation for that.

In Donabelle’s update about their situation, there were already some people digging the area for the flood. However, the design of it will be a fall back to them in the end.
The show then called Engr. Benigno Bonus, the man in-charge of creating drainage to fix the solution. He said that the project is not yet done but they are already listening to the complainants to fix the solution.

Raffy then told him that as the one in-charge in this project, he should recommend the closure of Reel Steel Corporation to the town’s mayor if they really want this problem of the flood to be solved.
In a phone interview, Engr. Carlo Carlos of the Reel Steel Corporation told Raffy that they are willing to coordinate to solve the problem. Raffy then told him that if the flooding problem is not yet solved, the company should leave the town.

The show also called San Simon vice mayor Honorato Almario to forward this problem. Almario said that they are also willing to coordinate and invited Raffy and the neighbors of Barangay Sta. Monica to come to his office and talk about it. He also said that this is going to be part of his agenda in this week’s meeting.

They tried to call mayor Leonora Wong but she denied their call. Donabelle said that their mayor doesn’t really care for them as they kept on knocking on her door for help for various problems.
Raffy reminded them that they can have their revenge on mayor Leonora by not voting her in the upcoming elections.

Source: Youtube

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