Netizen shares her weight-loss water diet

There are plenty of suggested or recommended ways in order to achieve that slim fit body. Most of them are tried and tested. But which one of them will you try?

One netizen posted in Facebook few tips on how she lost weight. She posted it on March 11 and capturing the attention of other netizens, now has about 38k reactions. The results were surreal!
Luchie De Leon put into caption the words “Food is life, but water is lifer.” From the title itself, we expect that she had a water diet. Here are the tips she shared.

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1. “Drink at least two glasses of water before meal.”
2. “Drink water every time you’re hungry. Wait for ten minutes, if you’re still hungry by that time, it means you’re indeed hungry. Otherwise it just meant you’re thirsty. It’s a mind trick our body sometimes play.”
3. “It would be better if you put some lemon in your water to detoxify your body. I think it’s more effective that way.”
4. “If you can, try adding ginger on the mix. It’s truly effective, too.”
Like most of us out here, Luchie has tried different ways in order to lose weight, but none of them worked on her. According to a short chat with through FB messenger, Luchie discussed that she tried to jog and also subscribe to diet programs, but results just won’t show. Then she tried this water diet which she read on her newsfeed last year. “After two months, I started to see the result,” she said.

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After posting the tips, she received comments questions from netizens. She shared with that a few messaged her saying they tried the same way of losing weight but they felt bloated. Luchie agreed with them. Her response was “I felt the same [way back when] I started but eventually I felt good.” June 2017, her water diet program has come to an end. And by that time, she is confident to wear anything she wants. After the program, she told, “its funny [what] some of my friends wrote when they shared my post that they remembered how I chatted them before that I wanted to lose weight but I just cannot!”

Having tried different methods, this 20-year-old just won’t give up! She kept an album of her favorite celebrity fitspirations, her previous body and not being able to post bikini photos of it was a big help, and she collected photos from Instagram to serve as inspiration and labeled the album “Fitspiration.” Now, she is other’s fitspiration.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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