A moving moment between a mother and child touches the heart of netizens

No matter who a child grows up with or where that child may live, their thoughts and actions are surely a reflection and combination of the people they are surrounded with and their environment. Many studies throughout the years have shown that children, especially toddlers, are prone to copying the actions of the people around them and these reports and researches are backed up by multiple examples proving this.

Children from these age groups learn what they know based on who is with them and where they are. So whether it be their parents or guardian, at home or outdoors, it is important that they only really see good acts and deeds is important so that they can emulate and pass it on as well.

So when a netizen saw a great example showing how children can easily copy their parents, he immediately took it upon himself to capture the moving moment between the family – specifically the mother and eldest child – and share his thoughts on the matter on his social media account.

Sharimi Shaharudin shared that while he was casually eating at a local restaurant in Selangor, Malaysia, he saw a family of four eating a few tables away from him. There was nothing new or exciting about it at first. He saw the father feed his wife while she carried their youngest child, but what really captured his attention was how their eldest son immediately copied the actions of the father and tried to feed his mother as well.

Since the eldest son was still a toddler and sitting on a high chair, he could not reach his mother across the table yet. So to humor him, the mother stood up and went closer to the son and took the food he was holding out.

Shaharudin is a trainer and consultant from Malaysia and he has quite a following on his Instagram account. So when he posted the touching moment, it immediately went viral and earned thousands of views and was even picked up by a few local and international platforms.

In an interview with mStar, a Malaysian newspaper, he further shared his thoughts on what he saw.

“When the husband fed the wife, it drew my attention because he was not selfish at all. The most touching moment was when the son copied the dad and fed the mother as well. I might have only managed to record it once, but actually it happened a few more times after that,” he said.

“Apart from being unselfish, the father did not smoke either. The responsibility of nurturing a child not only falls on the mother’s hands but it is to be shared together as a family,” he added.

Many netizens agreed that the actions of the family is indeed something that should be done more and that it is important for children to grow up surrounded by good examples.

Have you seen moments like this in your neighborhood? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section!

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