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LDR Filipino and Lithuanian couple shares their sweet meeting for the first time

There’s no doubt that every one of us only wants to love and be loved by someone. That’s why we do our best to keep our relationships healthy and to make sure that we take care of our loved ones. But with the case of couples who are engaged in a Long Distance relationship (LDR), their relationships are way harder to handle. But with the case of this Filipino man and his Lithuanian girlfriend, they proved that love can conquer everything.

Eugene Galang and Viktorija Chaya Radaviciūtė’s inspiring love story recently circulated the web. It has also gained thousands of views and shares online.

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On his YouTube, he managed to upload their adorable meeting for the first time. Their video immediately gained thousands of views and shares online. People were definitely captivated at how strong their relationship is even though they’re thousands of miles away apart.

According to him, they started talking online in May 2017. After this, they eventually got used to calling each other through video calls. Both of them have spent numerous hours talking about random stuff and learning new things about each other.

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their love for each other grew bigger, the couple finally decided to meet up. That’s why last September of this year, Viktorijia excitedly flew to the country. Upon seeing each other, both of them shared a sweet hug that lasted for a few seconds.

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Eugene and his family warmly welcomed her to their arms. Despite meeting for the first time, she immediately felt the warmth of their love. The young man even managed to treat her to a local fast food chain, where she had a taste of our food.

Their love story truly proves that love can do anything as long as they try to work things out. They also showed that race and distance wouldn’t be a hindrance, as long as you truly love someone.


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