Photos of Joey de Leon’s Son Viral on Social Media

Circulating on social were photos of Eat Bulaga Henyo Master Joey de Leon’s dashing son, Jako de Leon. According to GMA Entertainment, Jako is Joey de Leon’s son with wife Eileen Macapagal and has two siblings, Jocas and Jio. Jocas, Jio, and Jako are geniuses in their own field just like their father.

Their family is very close to each other even though they were all grown up. When he was young, Jako considered his dad as his childhood superhero, and up to this time, he remained being sweet to his mom, Eileen, despite being an adult. Jako was also close to his half-siblings, Cheenee and Keempee. He was born and raised in the Philippines.

Jako is an eye catcher with his cute dimples. He was admired for his artistry and creativity when he was aged 16. After graduating from Ateneo, he had attended Fordham University in New York and originally wanted to be a doctor.

As reported by, Jako, together with Mikey Bustos, are both known for their original and lively content posted to YouTube. He is a content creator where he directs and produce videos on the YouTube Channel, PaperbugTV.

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PaperbugTV is a PaperbugTV is a creative channel and the official YouTube home of Bogart the Explorer. Internet sensation Bogart the Explorer was considered as his brainchild, along with his friend Marco Ho. Eventually, Jako confidently embraced being exposed in front of the camera and started became a vlogger. Actually, when he was still on his young age, he appeared on his father’s movie titled “Starzan”.

He is also the mentor of the popular YouTuber Wil Dasovich. According to him, it was a dream come true for him and Wil to work with Alden Richards, also known as the Pambansang Bae. He was a fan of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards’ AlDub loveteam. Other people compare his charms with that of Alden.

Jako has a strong desire to travel and explore places. He finds adrenaline-pumping, blood-rushing activities exciting.

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He knows how to live a chill life although he enjoys exciting experiences. Recently, he got engaged to his long-time girlfriend. Jako received a “yes” after asking the most life-changing question to her girlfriend, Gillian.

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He shared a photo of him with his fiancé, wearing the engagement ring on her finger, on his Instagram account, @ jakodeleon, with the caption, “They told me my social media needed more engagement, so there..” He thanked his followers for all the warm greetings and well wishes.

Source: GMA

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