Chairman Nagkalat Ng Basura Sa Tapat Ng Isang Bilyaran

A woman went to Raffy Tulfo In Action so that she may discuss what had happened in her location. A man in a blue cap was seen scattering trash in front of her business address, which was later identified as a chairman from her town. His name was Arlan Melendez.

“Bakit po niya ginawa ito?” asked Raffy Tulfo to Angelita who promptly responded that “hindi ko rin po alam eh, kasi first time po niya itong ginawa sa amin in almost four years naming pong stay doon. Kaya po ako yung masama yung loob dito kasi ako po yung nagcocollect non eh, every night” Angelita said with much assurance.


It was then revealed that the trash that was littered in front of the business establishment came inside the same establishment itself as well. Angelita had disclosed that she usually puts the trash out for the garbage collector every day.

She has not yet confronted the chairman, since it was in the same baranggay that he is assigned to. When they had phoned him, Raffy Tulfo asked why he had acted this way. The chairman disclosed then, that he grew tired of trying to call out the attention of Angelita to not throw their trash the way they have been doing. It was then revealed that prior to the incident, there had been several warnings.


Angelita stayed firm with denying that there had been warnings prior to the action of the chairman caught in the CCTV. Angelita had also said that when the chairman tried to issue a warning, Angelita volunteered that she would go instead of her husband, the chairman had said no and strictly insisted that he meet with the husband.

The issue that the chairman raised was that sometimes when it rains, the garbage floats on. He wanted that the trash be taken out when the trunk honks.

Raffy Tulfo then explained that even though the baranggay chairman might have been very frustrated with what transpired, the actions where no where from being acceptable as it also has several consequences. There were then several charges that could be filed against him. It was the wrong way to discipline the constituents, said Raffy Tulfo.

“Ikaw ang ama ng baranggay, at ang constituents’ mo mga anak mo sila, right? Ganon ba ang ama? Makikipag away sa mga anak pag hindi niya madisiplina?” said Raffy Tulfo. The chairman then went on to say that this really was his last resort.

The chairman apologized to Angelita for his actions. Angelita went on to apologize and said she understood were the issues came from.


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Source: RaffyTulfoInAction

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