Budol Budol Gang, Nahuli Matapos Targetin Ang Senior Citizens.

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, several people have been hustling extra hard in order to make ends meet. While some do their utmost best to work hard and reap the fruits of their labor, some people tend to try to outsmart other people with their scams and their poor thinking that it is right to swindle others for their hard earned work.

There are plenty of established scams, some are more sophisticated than others while the others are blatantly deceiving. One of these scams is the infamous budol budol, which has been going on for ages now but has yet to be concluded. Budol budol works by tricking the victim into a state of trans where they are in a sense hypnotized into giving their own money and belongings willingly.

A woman named Isabel Nate was on her way to get medicines in Makati, when people approached her, took her to the ATM and asked her to withdraw 10,000 pesos. She was then instructed to give her cellular phone and some of the jewelry that she was wearing. Since she was not aware that this was happening, she had only realized when it was too late. According to the elderly woman, the last thing she remembered was that the people gave her an envelope full of money but when she checked afterwards, it was only pads of paper.

In the meantime, the police managed to nabbed several people carrying the same type of paper which may mean that they were the same group that had scammed the elderly woman who was seen complaining. Besides fro the fake paper, they had also confiscated several intriguing materials including fake IDs, fake ATM cards, wigs for disguise and fake money that were in the 20 peso denomination.

The police feel as if this could have been the same group as those that were reported before, including one who had taken away a whopping 1.5 million pesos from an elderly woman somewhere in Paranaque. The police came to this conclusion after they had found similar items worn by the people who were filmed through the CCTV cameras of the said locations.

The budol budol gang remains a mystery but is definitely getting more answers and getting closer to solving several cases brought about by elderly women who seem to be the target of the group. The swindled money remains undisclosed and unfound as of this writing.


Source: ABS-CBN

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