The Calendar Girls of Ginebra San Miguel Are Here!

Summer is all year long for women in the Philippines. And to prove our point, here is a list of the hottest calendar girls of Ginebra San Miguel!


“Pia is the perfect person to represent the brand, especially that we will be celebrating next year Ginebra San Miguel’s 185th anniversary,” said the marketing manager of the Ginebra San Miguel Corporation. “Pia is the epitome of what the brand stands for,” he proceeded to tell.

Myrtle Sarrosa

The cosplay girl has curves that are so hot and sexy that there is no questioning why she has made it to the said list. She has been in the cover of the FHM magazine twice and that only makes her case stronger than before. In the calendar photo, the PBB housmate was still cosplaying and was in an iconic angel costume!

Kim Domingo

Have you seen her curves? She has a very bright future ahead of her and we mean it both ways. Kim is sweet and sizzling in the said photos that do her justice.

Arci Muñoz

The vocalist of a band, she can do anything. Sing, act, rock out and model. It also seems like she takes in a lot of time and effort in maintaining her body as well. Have you seen her abs?

Ellen Adarna

Before she was a mother, she was first everybody’s dreams and fantasy. May it include being her, or being with her the model is nothing short of being a fit model who can totally be in the calendar of ginebra san Miguel once more.

Marian Rivera

She’s probably the only person who has been in the said calendar more than once. Once in 2014 and in 2009. She certainly is not a hall of famer for nothing.

Georgina Wilson

The gorgeous Australian beauty has been rocking our worlds for a while now. In this particular photo, she was posing in front of a pristine white sand beach somewhere in Ilocos Norte.

Solenn Heussaff

Another It Girl got in the said list because “Despite her stature and popularity, Solenn is still able to relate to people from all walks of life,”said the spokesperson of Ginebra San Miguel.

Anne Curtis

The now married woman surprised a lot of people when she took a break from being sweet and became sexy for the photos.

Krista Ranillo

It was controversial in the past, but it proved to be very worthy of the brand’s calendar regardless.

Iwa Moto

She looks absolutely stunning in that yellow bikini!

Angelica Panganiban

Before she was everybody’s favourite rom com actress, she was the first ever calendar girl!

Source: .fhm

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